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Fan Fiction Competition

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1 Fan Fiction Competition on 26th March 2013, 1:38 pm


Omnitrix Wielder
Omnitrix Wielder
There was an attempt a while ago in the Hamsterdam section of this forum to create a writing contest. That didn't quite pick off...

So I'm bringing it here in the form of a little contest to brighten things up a bit.

The challenge? An episode involving Albedo as a character. (since he is about to return in Arc 4)

Time limit? Until 10th of April.

The winner? Will be chosen in a poll starting on the date above.

Anybody interested? Smile

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2 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 26th March 2013, 3:00 pm


Sebastian13 wrote:There was an attempt a while ago in the Hamsterdam section of this forum to create a writing contest. That didn't quite pick off...

So I'm bringing it here in the form of a little contest to brighten things up a bit.

The challenge? An episode involving Albedo as a character. (since he is about to return in Arc 4)

Time limit? Until 10th of April.

The winner? Will be chosen in a poll starting on the date above.I

Anybody interested? Smile
I will try

3 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 26th March 2013, 4:01 pm


Is there a prize?

4 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 26th March 2013, 5:02 pm


Omnitrix Wielder
Omnitrix Wielder
Ebomnitrix wrote:Is there a prize?

I'm thinking of it...

How about a special rank of the winners choice like Matt Wayne has "Tummyhead"?

Any other idea?

5 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 26th March 2013, 5:17 pm


Sebastian13 wrote:
Ebomnitrix wrote:Is there a prize?

I'm thinking of it...

How about a special rank of the winners choice like Matt Wayne has "Tummyhead"?

Any other idea?
Becoming immediately a Galvan !

6 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 26th March 2013, 5:30 pm


Omnitrix Wielder
Omnitrix Wielder
Tsaklas wrote:
Sebastian13 wrote:
Ebomnitrix wrote:Is there a prize?

I'm thinking of it...

How about a special rank of the winners choice like Matt Wayne has "Tummyhead"?

Any other idea?
Becoming immediately a Galvan !

Yep, you can choose that if you win. (which is very possible because I'm not seeing much competition yet...)

7 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 26th March 2013, 5:32 pm


I guess the prize works, I already got some fanfiction stuff planned, umm can it be your own version of Albedo or does it have to be Albedo?

8 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 26th March 2013, 5:38 pm


Omnitrix Wielder
Omnitrix Wielder
Ebomnitrix wrote:I guess the prize works, I already got some fanfiction stuff planned, umm can it be your own version of Albedo or does it have to be Albedo?

Sure, you can experiment with Albedo. (what you guys will do will be in an alternative timeline/dimension anyways). But he has to be a Galvan or a Human, so that, ya know, he's still Albedo. He can even be a good guy, but I'm not giving any more ideas. Razz

I want to have at least 4 stories before the voting begins.

9 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 26th March 2013, 5:43 pm


Sebastian13 wrote:
Ebomnitrix wrote:I guess the prize works, I already got some fanfiction stuff planned, umm can it be your own version of Albedo or does it have to be Albedo?

Sure, you can experiment with Albedo. (what you guys will do will be in an alternative timeline/dimension anyways). But he has to be a Galvan or a Human, so that, ya know, he's still Albedo. He can even be a good guy, but I'm not giving any more ideas. Razz

I want to have at least 4 stories before the voting begins.
Where are we going to send the fanfiction ? here ?

10 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 26th March 2013, 5:46 pm


Omnitrix Wielder
Omnitrix Wielder
Tsaklas wrote:
Sebastian13 wrote:
Ebomnitrix wrote:I guess the prize works, I already got some fanfiction stuff planned, umm can it be your own version of Albedo or does it have to be Albedo?

Sure, you can experiment with Albedo. (what you guys will do will be in an alternative timeline/dimension anyways). But he has to be a Galvan or a Human, so that, ya know, he's still Albedo. He can even be a good guy, but I'm not giving any more ideas. Razz

I want to have at least 4 stories before the voting begins.
Where are we going to send the fanfiction ? here ?

Yes, in this topic, so people can vote on them eventually.

I might even make a little episode myself, but it's not a promise. It has to be at least 40 lines long with no size limit.

11 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 26th March 2013, 7:02 pm



• Ben Tennyson
• Rook Blonko
• Kevin Levin
• Khyber
• Albedo
• Zed (controlled by Albedo)
Aliens Used
• Eye Guy
• Kickin Hawk
• Astrodactyl
• Nanomech
• Grey Matter
• Humungousaur
• Molestach
• XLR-8
• Clockwork
• Controlimal (debut)

(in a secret lair of Khyber)
Khyber : Idiot Dr. Psychobos didn’t even tried to stop me from keeping the Nemetrix… I imagine what I can do with this thing !!! I can conquer the world ! There will be no prizes, just Khyber the Huntsman and all races praying for mercy !!!
Albedo : For now, you ‘ll only pray for mercy from Albedo… and his watch controller !
Khyber : What the … ?
(opening theme)
Ben : So, Rook, are you giving up to the ultimate master of Sumo Slammers ? (playing Summo Slammers with Rook)
Rook : Ben, from where I come from, this sounds like a challenge…
Ben : Then maybe it is !
Rook: Ok then ! (hits his video game character when he isn’t looking)
Ben : Hey, I wasn’t looking, we were talking, that’s not fair !
Rook : Ben, the video game rules clearly say that…
Ben : Forget about the rules, every time I lose in Summo Slammer I’m having a bad day.
Rook : Luck doesn’t scientificly excist.
Ben : It’s not science, it’s experience !!!
Rook : Now you are acting silly.
Ben : But, Rook !
Rook : (slaps him)
Ben : I deserved this.
Rook : I know.
(Ben gets a watch call)
Max : (voice) Ben, go check Baumann’s store, there is a robbery !
Ben : I’m on my way Grandpa ! Rook, I’m telling you this is gonna be a bad day.
Rook : And I’m telling you these are just superstitions. Now get in the Proto-TRUK !
(they drive to Baumann’s)
Mr. Baumann : No, not you !!! You are not allowed to come to my store anymore… Not since what happened last time…
Ben : The alien was trying to be friendly ! Anyway, Grandpa Max told us there has been a robbery here, so…
Mr. Baumann : It was an alien dog !
Rook : Just a dog ?
Mr. Baumann : Who transformed into a monster !
Ben : Oh… That reminds me of….
Rook : Khyber’s pet ?
Ben : Yeah… But that’s impossible, Kevin has it !
Rook : Maybe we should pay him a visit too !
(they drive to Kevin)
Ben : Hmm… Let’s enter the house !
(they enter Kevin’s house, it’s is teared to pieces)
Rook : Looks like he has been attacked ! We must find him !
Ben : I will keep an … EYE on him !
(transforms to Eye Guy)
Eye Guy : So, let’s search… I have a special eye for checking details !
Rook : You are full of eyes.
Eye Guy : Yeah, but that one is special ! And I think I found him …
(opens a closet, they see Kevin wrapped up and with a tape on his mouth)
Rook : (pulls the tape)
Kevin : Aaahhhhh !!!! That hurt, dude !
Eye Guy : Kevin ! (transforms to Ben)
Ben : Thank gosh you are OK ! What happened ?
Kevin : Albedo happened ! He broke into my house at night, locked me in this closet and stole my dog, Zed !!!
Rook : Techincally, is Khyber’s dog.
Kevin : Yeah, but now it’s mine !
Ben : I’ll find Albedo ! Only if I had a clue for where he is !
Kevin : Hey, what do you say for the address written in the back side of the tape ?
Ben : Hmm… Rook, I think we have work to do…
(It’s night)
(Ben and Rook come out of the Proto-TRUK)
(Ben transforms to Kickin Hawk)
Kickin Hawk : Shhh !!! We want to surprise him !
Rook : OK…
Kickin Hawk : (breaks the door with his feet) Aiaaaaa!!!! Hey, where is Albedo ?
Albedo : Right behind you, Ben Tennyson !
Rook : Albedo ! I ‘ve heard of you !
Albedo : Yeah, but know I ‘ve got a little help ! (uses a remote controller)
Kickin Hawk : What’s that ? A TV remote ?
Albedo : Sort of…
Devourenard : (groans)
Rook : Kickin Hawk’s predator ! Ben watch out !
Kickin Hawk : No worries, I…. (hits him and he gets thrown on a wall)
Albedo : Muhahahaha ! Do you like get beaten up ???
Rook : What kind of person likes that ?
Albedo : I don’t know, but I enjoy watching the others get beaten up…
Rook : You are under arrest !
Albedo : I don’t think so… (pushes a button)
(a cage comes out of the roof and traps Rook)
Rook : I didn’t see that coming….
Kickin Hawk : Aaaahhh ! Help !!!
Devourenard : (groans)
(hits him)
Kickin Hawk : Ouch ! Time for another alien !
(becomes Astrodactyl)
Astrodactyl : Yeah ! One of my favorites !
Albedo : Let’s see you liking this…
(pushes the remote controller)
Hypnotick : (groans) (hypnotizes him)
Astrodactyl : Suddenly … I feel… sleepy…
Rook : Ben, quick ! A not-flying alien !
(transforms to Nanomech)
Nanomech : Nanomech ? Are you kidding me ?
Albedo : (transforms Zed to Buglizard)
Buglizard : (steps on Nanomech)
Nanomech : Ouchh… I … can’t… breath !!! Time for something bigger !
(transforms to Grey Matter)
Grey Matter : Personal note… To kill Azmuth for his terribly wrong Omnitrix alien choosing system…
Albedo : I have a predator for that one….
(transforms Zed to Omnivoracious)
Omnivoracious : (grabs Grey Matter with his beak)
Grey Matter : I think it’s right time for…
(transforms to Humungousaur)
Humungousaur : Humungousaur !
(a giant Tyrannopede falls on him)
Humungousaur : Aahhhh !!!
Albedo: You feel the pain ???
(Ben transforms to Molestach and Zed to Buzzshaver_
Molestach : Aha ! Now… what can this guy do ?
Buzzshaver : (shaves Molestach’s mustache with his razor hands)
Molestach : Nooo ! My precious mustache ! I feel naked !
Albedo : Hahaha ! I’m enjoying this…
(Ben transforms to XLR-Cool
XLR-8 : Can you catch me now ? (starts running)
Albedo : Piece of cake…
(transforms Zed to Atractamonster)
Atractamonster : (stops XLR-8 with a magnetical field)
XLR-8 : Wow, really ?
(transforms to Clockwork)
Clockwork : (falls down, because he is magnetized)
Now I made it iwen worstz. (German accent)
Letz try wiz an ozer one !
(transforms to a new alien, Controlimal)
Albedo : What’s this ? I don’t know this guy !!! Eeeeh … (panicly presses a lot of buttons)
Controlimal : Haha, let’s see… (whistles and the dog becomes normal)
Wow, looks like I can control animals… can I make him… (whistles in a different tone)
(makes Zed run after Albedo)
Albedo : Noooo !!! I’m allergic to dogsss !!!
(runs out of the basement)
Rook (to Ben) : Told you it wasn’t gonna be a bad day…



Ben/Albedo/Kickin Hawk/Molestach/XLR-8 - YURI LOWENTHAL
Astrodactyl/Nanomech/Clockwork - DEE BRADLEY BAKER
Grey Matter - ERIC BAUZA
Humungousaur - JOHN DIMAGGIO
Controlimal - STEVEN BLUM

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12 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 26th March 2013, 8:18 pm


ETHAN ALIENATION "Blast From The Past" (not canon episode for this forums only)
[August 2, 2013, Ethan, Rook walking]
Rook: I still do not believe, how you managed to get that Smoothy King worker to let you payless.
Ethan: Works of a superhero Rook, that's how it rolls [sips] Cannonbolt style Very Happy
Rook: I see...
[explosion out of door, people fly back]
Four Arms (Nahte): [walks out] WHERE IS (last name)!
Ethan: Four Arms?
Four Arms (Nahte): I do not repeat myself to lower lifeforms... Where [roars: IS HE!]
[news cars stopping]

Will Harangue: [runs out of van, holds mic with camera man recording] We're live on the scene where the menace that is Ethan (last name) appears to be attacking a local library, that appears to be destroyed!
Ethan: Okay that is not me... I mean come on red outfit?! Red is so not my color...
Rook: If you'd mind stop talking about colors?
Ethan: Right... [scrolls threw holos, Four Arms selected, core pops up, slams down]
[spinning and changing like Humungousaur's ROE sequence, AF music, slides back, background clears]

Four Arms: [goes into shout name pose, music fades]
Four Arms (Nahte): [grabs police car, people in it scared, and they start screaming]
Four Arms (Ethan): [throws peddle at him, he turns around] Hey, leave those police man alone...
Will Harangue: And it appears, there is another Four Arms-like creature, out on the stands...
Four Arms (Ethan): Ugh, You want somebody to pick on, try me!
Four Arms (Nahte): You... I have been looking for you...
Four Arms (Ethan): What for?
Four Arms (Nahte): Revenge...
[flashback, 5 years ago, there both 11 years old, setting is at inside a factory with The Hands of Armageddon]
[Nahte and Ethan looking at each other like a Showdown like Ben with Cash and JT in the original series]

Ethan: I'm not letting you walk away with that Omnitrix Copy...
Nahte: You don't have to... [puts it on]
Ethan: [gasp]
Nahte: I maybe the opposite of you of every way cause of being in another dimension, but I know I have your powers too... [slams down]
[shortened Feedback sequence starting from where he's spinning, sequence all red-like like in Eon's dimension from Ben Again, background clears]
Feedback: [smirks]
Ethan: [slams down]
Upgrade: Time for you to hitch a ride... [morphs onto the Hands of Armageddon, it glows and portal opens]
Feedback: Ergh... [starts floating, gets sucked in, holding onto ground] No... [gets sucked in] NOOOO!!!!!!
Upgrade: [shuts down device, morphs back to normal, changing back]
[flashback ends]

Four Arms (Ethan): You!
Four Arms (Nahte): That's right! Remember me now?
Rook: Who is this guy?
Four Arms (Ethan): He's me from another dimension, I thought I trapped him back to his own dimension for good
Four Arms (Nahte): But look at me now!
Four Arms (Ethan): I'm sending you back from once you came!
Four Arms (Nahte): I think not... [punches ground]
Four Arms (Ethan): [jumps]
Rook: [falls back]
[Ethan switches from Four Arms to Heatblast in mid-air]

Heatblast: [crashes at him like a meteorite]
[giant trix flash to fool people it was a explosion]

Gravattack: [holding me]
Heatblast: Ergh... Damn it... I almost had it!
Gravattack: Nice try... Now watch people of Earth, as I crush your hero! [crushes Ethan with gravity, starting pushing my body to into pieces]
Heatblast: Ergh!!!
Rook: [shoots him with Proto-Tool]
Gravattack: [blinks from blast, some rock falls off, looks at Rook them manipulates both of us] Fool, I will have destroyed each and every one of you! And there's no stopping me! Then I will conquer your world as if it were my own...
Rook: Then it is a good thing I called the Plumbers on you...
Plumbers: [standing with Max's Truck, back doors open]
[Null Void portal glows, same device from Plumbers Helpers]

Gravattack: What is that thing...
Manny: A Null Void Projector...
Helen: Puts criminals like you into the Null Void!
Gravattack: Nice try, but I can make myself gain more weight
Heatblast: Don't Nahte, if you do, you'll get so heavy you'll crush into the Earth's core!
Gravattack: Do I look like I give a rats ass? [throws us back]
Heatblast, Rook: WHOA!!! [falls back]
Gravattack: Let's see what happens if I destroy that thing [manipulating Projector]
Heatblast: [slams chest, switches alien]
[ground under Nahte's glows]

Gravattack: Huh? [looks down, lava flies at him] AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! [rock is black, and skin is brown, faints]
NRG: What can I say? NRG, IS G.O.O.D.!
Humungousaur: [holding Nahte as Gravattack still, throws him in portal, it closes]
Humungousaur: [walks to Rook, Manny, and Helen, changing back]
Ethan: Thanks for the help guys?
Helen: Anytime!
Manny: Violet Offenders are at it, at Sparksburg, Let's Go! [they start running off to van]
Rook: I believe this is the part where you say, we should smoothies?
Ethan: Nah [turns around] I need some iTunes money for my iPod, coming?
Rook: What is this iTunes you speak of?
Ethan: I'll show you, come on! [walking]
Rook: But my truck is right... [sighs, then follows]


Ethan, Nahte, Feedback, Upgrade - Yuri Lowenthal
Young Ethan - Lisette St. Louis
Young Nahte, NRG, Humungousaur - Dee Bradley Baker
Four Arms - Michael McGongale
Heatblast - Steve Blum
Gravattack - David Kaye
Rook Blonko - Bumper Robinson
Manny - Khary Payton
Helen - Juliet Landau
Will Harangue, Nahte Four Arms - John DiMaggio

What do you think?

13 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 26th March 2013, 11:57 pm

Uncle Grandpa

Forum denizens, I introduce to you...perfection

Ben Ten
Ferrick Wyatt
Gabe Newell
Young Ben Ten
Max Tennyson
Nathaniel Baumann

Paper Fingers (I didn't call him Snare-oh get over it)
The Incredible Disappearing Scarf
Chicken Hawk
Mustard Lizard

Percy Purse

Ferrick Goes to the Fair
By Oprah

(Paper Fingers is fighting Fistrick)

Fistrick: Bro. Bro. Bro. Bro. Bro.
Paper Fingers: Can you stop that
Fistrick: No no no no no bro
Paper Fingers: Ugh. You’re so annoying
Fistrick: What are you going to do about it bro?
Paper Fingers: I was thinking go Chromastone, then eat you
Fistrick: Um
(Paper Fingers turns into The Incredible Disappearing Scarf)
TIDS: Aw man.
Fistrick: UM
TIDS: Take this!
(TIDS wraps around Fistrick’s neck and chokes him to death)
TIDS: I don’t get paid enough for this
Ferrick: You don’t get paid at all
TIDS: When did you get here, Ferrick
Ferrick: A minute ago
(TIDS turns into Ben)
Ben: Why are you get here, Ferrick
Ferrick: The fair is coming!
Ben: …so?
Ferrick: Can we go?
Ben: No
Ferrick: Please?
Ben: But fairs
Ben: I do not like this
Max: Why not
Ben: I do not like this
Max: Um
(Zomboso appears)
Ben: Oh no! It is Zomboso! I will stop him!
Max: K
(Ben turns into Swampfire)
Swampfire: Get ready to be Swampfired!
(Swampfire shoots fire at Zomboso)
Ferrick: You don’t like fairs because you were ambushed by Zomboso once at one?
Ben: Pretty much.
Ferrick: Too bad. We’re going
Ben: Aw man.
(At the fair)
Ferrick: This is gonna be awesome!
Ben: If you say so
(Ben sees something red)
Ben: I SAW RED!!
Ferrick: Um…k
Ferrick: Stop jumping to le conclusions.
Albedo: Curses, Ben 10! You have uncovered my devious plot!
Ben: I’m always right! See, Ferrick?
Ferrick: It is beginning to seem like that.
Ben: What is your devious plot?
Albedo: I am going to make all of the children cry by being scarie!
Ben: Not if I stop you!
(Ben turns into Chicken Hawk)
(Chicken Hawk kicks Albedo)
Albedo: Ow
Chicken Hawk: Ready to give up?
Albedo: Hardly
(Albedo turns into Percy Purse)
Percy Purse Albedo: Hi yah!
(Percy Purse smacks Chicken Hawk. Chicken Hawk turns into Mustard Lizard)
(Mustard Lizard blasts Percy Purse with mustard. Percy Purse turns into Buzzshock)
Buzzshock: Le I am going to le beat up your le face, Ben Tentyson!
Mustard Lizard: Not if I beat up your face first!
(Mustard Lizard turns into Shocksquatch)
Shocksquatch: Hey, eh, Albedo, eh, check, eh, this, eh, out, eh!
Buzzshock: What
(Shocksquatch shocks Buzzshock and he dies)
Shocksquatch: Is, eh, Albedo, eh, really, eh, dead, eh?
Albedo: Heck no! Now it is time for my plan!
(Albedo turns into Toepick)
Shocksquatch: Oh, eh, no, eh! Toepick, eh, can, eh, make, eh, ALL, eh, the, eh, children, eh, cry, eh!
Toepick: And you as well
(Toepick Toepicks Shocksquatch, who goes Ben, and Ferrick. They cry)
Toepick: Now for the children. Lackey!
(Baumann arrives)
Ben: Baumann y
Baumann: Because I hate you
Ben: Ferrick…I told you we should not have come
Ferrick: Maybe you was right…
(Baumann projects a huge video stream of Toepick way above the fair where everyone can see it)
Toepick: Hey children! Check this out!
(He opens his mask. Everyone starts crying.)
Ferrick: Ben…do something
Ben: But what
Ferrick: Grey Matter can think of something
Ben: He doesn’t have to…I have an idea!
(Ben turns into Clockwork)
Clockwork: Clockwork! Oh yeah!
Toepick: Baumann, get him out of here!
(Clockwork fires a time ray and disintegrates Toepick.)
Baumann: You killed Albedo
Clockwork: Your turn
Baumann: No
Clockwork: Okay
(Gaben arrives)
Clockwork: Gaben? Why are you here?
Gaben: I like the fair!

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14 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 27th March 2013, 1:34 am


Plumber Trainee
Plumber Trainee
When Ben meets the couple of his Nightmares
by Beltram Lotter

Ben Tennyson

Mr. Baumann
Ma Vreedle


By Ben:
Snare-Oh(accidental selected alien Humungosaur)
Way Big
Pakben(debut)(selected alien Toepick)
Alien X (accidental (selected alien Bullfrag)
Upchuck Murk (off-screan)
Chamalien (OV debut)(accidental selected alien Jetray)
Fasttrack (OV debut)(accidental selected alien Jetray)
Jetray (OV debut)

By Albedo:
Upchuck Perk (cameo)

Ben: Trumpbipulor do you know what time is it?
Trumpbipulor: It's smahing Ben Tennyson like a potato time?
Ben: No is Humungosaur time
(Ben transforms into snare-oh)
Snare-Oh: Oh man really?
Trumpbipulor: Now I am going to use you like a napkin Paper Ben
Snare-Oh: Who with the what now!?
(Trumpbipulor takes a tree and he throws it to Ben and Ben dodges it)
Snare-Oh: Know my turn
(He transforms into Way Big and kicks him outside the planet)
Way Big: O yeah.
(The omnitrix runs out of energy)
Ben: Rook,Rad and Pax do you want a Mr. Smoothie
Rad: Okey
Pax:O man I don't know eating plants it's like eating my self
Rad: Pax don't be such a jerk
Pax: Okey
Ben: Team it's Smothie Time!
(They go to Mr. Smothie when Pakmar and Baumann with his robotic suit)
Mr. Baummann: Prepare
Pakmar:To suffer
Ben: These is a job for Toepick
(Ben transforms in an alien of the species of Pakmar and calls it Pakben)
Pakben: Pakmar I will defeat you with you
Pakmar: Now Baummann attack
Mr. Baummann: Finally
(Ben transforms into Bullfrag and defeats Pakmar while Rad shots to Baumann's Robotic Suit and Baumann Dies because the suit explodes)
Bullfrag: What you have done Rad?
Rad: Sorry, I don't wanted to hurt him
Bullfrag: Thank you free me of Baumann
Rad: Okey
(Pakmar starts crying)
Pakmar: My only friend
Bullfrag:Rook take Pakmar to the Plumber Base
(Ben returns to normal and then Albedo and Ma Vreedle arrives)
Ma.: Hi Ben did you miss us?
Albedo: Ben meet my wife
Ben: Who with the what now!?
(Ben transforms into Toepick and Albedo in XLR8)
Toepick: See my face (scary laughs sound)
Xlr8: I am so fast that I cant see you
Toepick: Take these
(Toepick throws an Acid Sticky Bomb)
Xlr8 A: I need Humungosaur
(Albedo transforms in Humungosaur)
Toepick: I need Bullfrag
(Ben transforms into Alien X)
Alien X: I will transform into Upchuck Murk and you in Perk Albedo
(Alien X makes albedo upchuck perk albedo)
Ma.: Rook you can't defeat me
Rad: But I can
Pax: And me to
(Pax traps him and Rad shoots her making her to get unconscious)
Rook: That's an Upchuck battle don't you think?
Rad: Yes
Pax: Why did Ben transform into Chamalien?
Chamalien:I wanted to be Jetray
Rad: Why Jetray?
Chamalien: Because that is the only alien that can defeat Astrodactyl
(Ben transforms into Fasttrack)
Fasttrack: Fasttrack Really?
(Ben transforms finally into Jetray)
Jetray: Jetray Finally!
Astridactyl A: You won't win
Jetray: I got an Idea
(Ben transforms into Goop and defeats Astrodactyl and Then both return to normal)
Albedo: Oh no
(Albedo escapes)
Ben:Now we must drink that Smoothies

15 Double Trouble by Tammar on 27th March 2013, 11:53 am



-Nyancy Chan

Aliens used (By Ben):
-Echo Echo
-Upchuck (Murk)

Aliens used (By Albedo):
-Kickin Hawk
-Ultimate Kickin Hawk
-Ultimate Diamondhead

Double Trouble
By Tammar

(Ben and Rook are chasing Nyancy Chan over the streets of Bellwood)
Rook: She is getting away.
Ben: We have to stop her. We can't let her take all that money.
Rook: She is getting faster.
Ben: Nothing XLR8 can't handle.
(Ben dials the Omnitrix)
XLR8: XLR8? Sweet! I finally got someone I wanted!
(He runs to Nyancy Chan and starts running next to her)
XLR8: Hey there, NC, whatcha doin'?
Nyancy: Same old same old, just driving you nuts. Nice alien by the way.
XLR8: Oh, you really think so? He can do a lot of things, running, jumping, this.
(He punches her)
(He takes the money)
(Max arrives to arrest her)
(While she is taken to the car, she talks to Ben)
Nyancy: Ben Tennyson, you think you're all that, but you're not!
Ben: Yeah, yeah, whatever.
(The vehicle leaves)
Rook: It has been a good day. We have had a tasteful breakfast, we have trained well, and we have a had a succesful mission. Nothing could go wrong.
(Ben facepalms)
(Intro plays)
(Ben and Rook are taking a ride in the Proto-TRUK)
Ben: And then we fought at sea, and he went to his true form, and I totally beat him up and I escaped as Jetray.
Rook: And that is how you got the Ultimatrix?
Ben: Yep.
Rook: It is an interesting story. But you have told me many stories about Vilgax. I would like to know about the partner that worked with him on that mission.
Ben: Oh you mean Albedo?
Rook: Indeed.
Ben: He was a Galvan. He was forced to help Malware 5+ years ago. Last year, he was turned into a human, a negative me. He built his own Omnitrix, and then the Ultimatrix. Last time we met, he tried to scare me with a nightmare.
Rook: Interesting. Would you like to go for lunch?
Ben: Sure, Burger Shack is right around the corner.
(Scene shifts to them about to order)
Ben: I'll have a triple chesseburg-
(A ship lands)
(Albedo exits)
Ben: Albedo... We were just talking about you...
Albedo: Nice to see you too, Benjamin.
Ben: What are you doing here? I had you trapped in your own nightmare.
Albedo: That is why I came here. How long has it been? A few months? I have been building an Omnitrix just like yours, only this time, it lets me go ultimate!
(He dials his Omnitrix)
Negative Kickin Hawk: This is your lame average alien, Ben.
(He dials his Omnitrix symbol)
Negative Ultimate Kickin Hawk: Meet Ultimate Kickin Hawk!
Ben: Uhh, how do you know his name?
Albedo: I do my research.
Ben: When there's an ultimate chicken wanting to kill you, there's always a Way Big solution.
(Ben dials the Omnitrix)
Echo Echo: Echo Echo? Not what I was going for, but it could work.
(He duplicates himself and surrounds Negative Ultimate Kickin Hawk)
(They make the wall of sound)
(Negative Ultimate Kickin Hawk kicks them)
(They come back to one and press the symbol)
Diamondhead: I was going for Four Arms, but this is actually a better idea. Be careful, Albedo, I've had a lot of training with this one.
Negative Ultimate Kickin Hawk: It seems so. I guess I need to turn into a fancier alien. Something to make it more fair...
(He dials the symbol)
(He turns into Negative Diamondhead and slams the sumbol again)
Negative Ultimate Diamondhead: Let's fight.
Diamondhead: Hold on, what can you do that I can't?
Negative Ultimate Diamondhead: This.
(He touches a table and it turns to diamond)
Negative Ultimate Diamondhead: You may be made out of diamond now, but once I shoot diamonds at you, you will be a dead diamond.
Diamondhead: Seems so. If that's the case, then I have the wrong alien.
(He slams the Omnitrix symbol)
Upchuck: Let's eat.
(Negative Ultimate Diamondhead shoots diamonds at Upchuck)
(Upchuck eats them and shoots them back)
(Negative Ultimate Diamondhead is eventually defeated and transformed back to Albedo)
(Max arrives with Pattileday to arrest him)
Ben: So Rook, why did you not help me one bit back there?
Rook: You did not ask me to.
Max: Albedo is being taken to prison after his Omnitrix his off.
Ben: No big, I'll do it.
(He approaches Albedo)
Ben: Omnitrix User Access Voice Recognition Mode.
Negative Omnitrix: Recognised: Ben Tennyson, B01. Access granted.
Ben: Remove yourself from the wrist and delete all DNA.
Omnitrix: All DNA removed.
(It jumps out of Albedo's wrist)
Ben: Here, it's a normal watch now.
(He gives it to Max)
(While Albedo is being taken into the back of the vehicle)
Albedo: Curse you, Ben Tennyson! You think you're all that, but you're not!
(Ben and Rook are walking towards the Proto-TRUK)
Ben: So Rook, I've been fighting all day, and this Burger Shack is destroyed. Are there any other branches?
Rook: According to my GPS, the closest one is 30 minutes away by Proto-TRUK.
Ben: We'll get there faster.
(He dials the Omnitrix)
Upgrade: Let's do this.
(Rook gets into the Proto-TRUK and Upgrade merges with it and they take off for Burger Shack)

16 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 28th March 2013, 2:38 am

Azmuth's BFF

Emperor Milleous
Emperor Milleous
After hours upon hours of endless writing, tashing, and rewriting, I have finally come up with my ultimate masterstroke. XR

Ladies and...mostly ladies, I present to you "Happy Birthday, Kevin!" XR

Kevin awoke that morning to find his room totally trashed with streamers and balloons everywhere, even some toilet paper strung over the ceiling fan.

"What the...?" The paper bag-headed mutant fumbled around by the wall near his bed for the light switch, finally flipping it on.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN." came the robotic voice of Kevin's friend and ally, the Y-It, who was standing right outside the door to the ex-convict's bedroom.

Kevin sat up, not quite registering what the Y-It had just said. "What...?"

"DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT TODAY IS? IT IS NOVEMBER 11, YOUR BIRTHDAY KEVIN." the black and green robot repeated.

"My...Birthday..." The once-insane mutant said slowly, but quickly got angry, his eyes flashing for a second. "Since when do I care if it's my birthday? I don't even care. I've never cared and I never will!" Kevin kicked the sheet off himself and stood up, proceeding to throw on a ripped up t-shit and a pair of underwear. Absorbing steel for shoes, Kevin went to leave the room, noticing that the Y-It had left.

Kevin scowled and walked down the dim hallway, heading for the stairs down to Club Gwendolyn. When he had reached the bottom of the stairs, he found the owner of the club herself, sitting at the bar, no doubt waiting for him.

"Hey Kev, you know what day today is, right?" Gwen said mysteriously.

"November 11..." The black haired emo hissed.

"Oh come on, I know you know what today really is..." the Anodite smirked.

"I don't care. And never send Y-It to wake me up again." Kevin sat down next to her.

"I know you care. Didn't he ever throw you a birthday party?" Gwen replied. But when she next looked over at Kevin, his head was resting in his arms, facing the opposite direction.

"Kevin?" the zero-cup-sized alien whispered.

"Just...he...she died a couple days after the 19..."

Gwen almost felt sad for her boy toy. Would he ever learn to just get up and go on with life?

Kevin had decided to go for a drive to get away from everyone, but of course, he just had to run into his childhood nemesis.

"Hey Kevvy! Happy B-Day!" Ben said cheerfully.

"Stop calling me that, loser. And I don't care if it's my Birthday." The mutant hissed.

"Oh come on! Hey, why don't we have a race?" Ben snickered.

"Hmph. You're on!" Ben transformed into Fasttrack, and Kevin absorbed some asphalt. Each took off at full speed, neither ahead of the other one.

"YOU'RE TOO SLOW! YOU'RE TOO SLOW!" Fasttrack smiled at his black counterpart.

"You'll regret that, Tennyson."


Both Ben and Kevin were both exhausted after their long run, which was a tie.

"So, what did old man get for his birthday?" The emerald hero chuckled. Kevin glared at him and said, "Nothing. And I don't wan't anything either."

"Heh. Try telling that to Charmcaster. I feel for you man, I hope you don't die after eating" Ben stuttered.

Kevin couldn't help but smile. "Oh, of course, you'll be sharing it with me, right?"

Ben turned literally green and said, "No way! Remember that bird Rook found when we were forced to live together?"

"Whatever." Kevin stopped to sit under a large oak tree, which Ben did too.

"BEN-CHAN!" came the girlish voice of Charmcaster. The two "friends" looked and each other, too tired to run away.

"Finally! Where's everybody else?" Charmcaster asked.

"They...Um...were busy..." The hero muttered.

"Oh well! Happy Birthday Kevin! You and Ben can eat the cake I made you!" Hope said.

"Damn..." Kevin whispered, taking the box and opening it, to reveal what looked like brown sludge with bits off egg shells in it, topped off with 11,000 candles placed everywhere.

"Wait up, Kevs! I know you're so eager to take a bite, but we have to sing to you first!" Ben laughed at the disgusted look on Kevin's face.

"Ben...I swear, if you-"

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Kevin,

Happy Birthday to you!"

Kevin smacked himself in the head, his face a deep red. (Hey that rhymes! Lol)

"Heh. What are you waiting for? Make a wish!" The green hero said impaitently.

Ben didn't even see it coming.

In one swift move, Kevin threw the 'cake', box and all, right at Ben's face, which was now coated with brown mix and eggshells.

"Best Birthday ever..." Kevin smiled as Ben chased him around the fields.

"You're in a good mood." Gwen told him when he came back to club Gwendolyn.

"You have no idea...and thanks... for everything..." Kevin blushed as he said the last part.

"Hope you're not too full after eating Charmcaster's cake...'cause I made you one myself..." Gwen flew over behind the bar and took out a white cake with red icing that read,

"Happy Birthday Albedo!"

"What the fuck..." He said as he went to cut it.

...And that concludes part 1! Stay tuned for part 2. XR

17 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 28th March 2013, 6:26 pm


Omnitrix Wielder
Omnitrix Wielder
Here is part one of mine: Very Happy



A long and bulky shadow is seen coming from the interior of a cave along with a beeping sound and a red light coming from an unidentified piece of technology. Inside, what seems to be a human outline is seen working at an improvised desk. He turns around, the light revealing half his face, along with his tired but filled with malice red eyes and his identity: Ben's evil twin, Albedo. His eyes have dark circles around them and his face is paler than usual, nearing the colour of his hair.

KHYBER: The Nemetrix started beeping when I landed on this planet. I set a warning function on it to be sure Ben Tennyson isn't
close to me before I finish my plans. When it detected his DNA in you I was worried my trophy may once again turn against me.

The beeping stops and Albedo steps up into the light completely.

ALBEDO: Khyber The Huntsman, I cannot say I missed you. Nor the mention of that vermin. But I must say, your fear of him bewilders me, only you and the Chimera Sui Generis fear nobody. I have reached a point where I fear my reflexion, only my intelligence remains of what I formerly was.

KHYBER: (threatens Albedo with his sword) I fear no mere human! Do not make me prove it to you.

ALBEDO: Humans have many improper habits to sicken anybody. In this case however, I was referring to The Omnitrix.

KHYBER: (while looking around) I see you have worked for months on trying to replicate it's core. Wouldn't you rather help me put this to good use?

Khyber shows Albedo the Nemetrix.

*theme song*

ALBEDO: So what happened with your mutt?

KHYBER: He has joined Tennyson's Osmosian friend.

ALBEDO: I suppose the faction has broken up and you need my help once again?

KHYBER: Do not talk down to me, you received the bigger part of the deal, the blueprint for the Omnitrix that Malware stole. I only needed Cerebrocrustacean predator DNA. Dr. Psychobos locked the DNA knowing it could be used against him so I did not even put it to good use.

ALBEDO: It is unlocked now...

KHYBER: Azmuth's doing.

Ben's nemesis decides to sit down and calmly talk to his old ally thinking they are in no danger of something interrupting their conversation.

ALBEDO: Amusing, it is also him that destroyed my copy of the prototype Omnitrix and who got me stuck in this repulsive human form! I had to use my knowledge so I could suppress my need of chilli fries, at least temporarily while I couldn't be seen in the public eye, the plumbers have been hunting me down as if I were a rodent.

KHYBER: I've been following the Tennyson team closely for the past couple of weeks while the Incursians activity has kept them busy. I needed a special...feral creature. There is one species in the Omnitrix that does not have a predator, actually there are more, but the others are not as much of a disadvantage as this one.

ALBEDO: (with a smug and hateful smile) Why would I help you again? You want him dead, well so do I.

KHYBER: I cannot let you have him, he is the only prey that has ever got the best of me. You only need the Omnitrix to return to your Galvan form, I do not care of it.

ALBEDO: Sounds just like the last time I tried to team-up with did not end well for me.

KHYBER: I could just take the Nemetrix and leave. I happen to be in hurry

ALBEDO: What could you possibly be in a hurry for on a desert planet, unless...

A sound like one of a million feet hitting the ground is heard, both Albedo and Khyber turn their heads around looking to the entrance of the cave. Notable is their wildly different reactions. Khyber is showing a smirk of impatient awaitment while Albedo is agitated and confused.

KHYBER: Unless I came for something other than you. Have I not said that was the case?

The loudness is heard repeatedly, louder and louder as if some immense creature was running towards them.

ALBEDO: That is not the usual Dravek, it cannot be but it sounds like...

He turns to Albedo and smiles.

KHYBER: A To'kustar?

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18 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 29th March 2013, 12:45 am

Azmuth's BFF

Emperor Milleous
Emperor Milleous
Kevin looked at the cake again, confirming that the cake said Albedo instead of Kevin.

"Oops!" Gwen yelped.

"Gwen...why do you have a cake for Albedo? Have you been cheating on me?!" Kevin said with a roar.

Gwen admitted it. Kevin angrily slapped her across the room. No one cheated on Kevin Levin and got away with it! Next, he set his sights on the former Galvan, Albedo.

He spotted Ben laughing with Charmcaster. He saw Ben's Omnitrix and knew it was the only way to track Albedo. Kevin cracked his knuckles and stomped toward them, and before Ben could react, Kevin caught his arm. The mutant savagely grabbed the Omnitrix, and began absorbing the Omnitrix-energy.

"Yes! Oh yes! Harder! Faster! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSthgh"

-fade to black-

When Ben came to, he immediately knew something was wrong. He glanced at his left wrist, and to his horror, the Omnitrix was broken!

"KEVIN! Come on out! We can help you again!" Ben called.

And then his eyes fell upon the mutilated corpse of Charmcaster. He knew what must be done...

-cut to Kevin-

Kevin was now stronger than ever. He had completely absorbed the Omnitrix. Now, he was a thousand times more powerful than before, making him the evil psychotic mutant Kevin 11,000!

Kevin was hot on Albedo's trail. The mutant had used the Omnitrix's built in DNA searcher function to find Albedo's one-of-a-kind strand of DNA. He tracked him to some kind of house.

He entered, and everywhere were the Ben 10 alien waifus! Attea, Esther, Julie even! And there was Albedo.

"ALBEDO! I WILL FEAST ON YOUR FLESH!" cried Kevin 11,000.

Albedo smirked..."Get him!"

As if on command, the waifus attacked Kevin 11,000! But before they could do anything, they were driven back after getting a better look at his face. He was too ugly to fight against. The aliens instantly ran away. It was just Albedo and Kevin 11,000.

Albedo got a scared look on his face, and ran!

-cue chase sequence, in which Kevin 11,000 chases Albedo to comedic music-

"Now I've got you" said the hulking mutant.

Albedo wet his pants. Disgusted, Kevin threw him to the ground and flew off in search of a new opponent.

Sorry for the short part this time, guys. XR Vote XR me!

19 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 29th March 2013, 2:05 am


I am new at this stuff, just thought I would give it a try!

The New Negative 10


The Worst
Alien X (Albedo)
Alien X (Ben)
Way Big

The New Negative 10

(Khyber, Albedo, Fistina, Liam, Bubble Helmet, Dr. Animo, Zombozo, Fisttrick, and Elena are all sitting in a meeting room in Billy Billions building)
(Billy walks in)
Khyber: You have got to be joking. The greatest huntsman in the universe was called here by a puny earth brat!
Zombozo: Well he had the resources to break most of us out of jail! (Laughs) Lets give the boy a chance.
Billy: (nervous) Well, um, I called you all here today as you are Ben's greatest adversaries. I want to create a new Negative 10.
(Theme Song)
Albedo: Negative 10? I can do this job by myself!
Elena: Obviously. Since you've defeated Ben all of those countless times.
(Albedo gives her a dirty look)
Billy: Well anyways... I have created this group of Ben's strongest enemies in order to defeat Ben.
Khyber: Are we getting anywhere with this?
Elena: (Points to Dr. Animo) Why was he invited?
Dr. Animo: Because I am a genius!
Billy: Because I needed a tenth member and Vilgax didn't return the message.
(Khyber gets up)
Billy: Wait! Tonight I am sending out the robots of Dimension 12.
(Khyber sits down)
Billy: They will rampage through the city. Once Ben goes after them we will go to his house. We will capture his parents and when Ben comes back he will have to surrender!
Zombozo: Not a bad idea! (Laughs)
(Switches to Ben and Rook in Proto-TRUK at night)
Radio: Robots attacking city hall...
Ben: Sounds like it's...hero time!
(Turns into XLR8)
XLR8: (To Rook) Don't wait up!
(XLR8 arrives at city hall)
XLR8: This is an easy one.
(Switches into Upgrade. Merges with one of the robots and destroys the other robots.)
(Rook pulls up)
Rook: I see you have already dealt with the situation. Would you like to go to Mr. Smoothy's?
Ben: Nah, I am exhausted. (Yawns) I could use a ride home though.
Rook: No problem.
(Pulls up in front of Ben's house. Ben gets out and waves at Rook who pulls away.)
(Ben goes inside to see his parents in the corner and the Negative 10 all around his living room)
Ben: What?
Billy: Haha Ben. We have your parents. Now surrender and they live.
Ben: What if I stop you? (Dials omnitrix and transforms into The Worst)
Albedo: I don't think so.
(Back at the Billions Tower, Animo finishes tying Ben up and goes into the meeting room)
Khyber: I will deal the final blow. I am the greatest hunter and he is the ultimate prey!
Zombozo: He has been my enemy the longest. I think I have the rights to him.
Elena: But I have known him the longest.
Billy: Actually, I think I have know him the longest. Plus thIs whole thing was my idea.
(The whole place goes up in a ruckus. Albedo sneaks through the door in the background.)
Albedo: Hello Ben.
Ben: What do you want Albedo?
Albedo: Oh I think you know what I want. I want the omnitrix. But I also want to be rid of the nuisances that are in the other room.
Ben: You don't have to do this.
Albedo: I know. (Whispers in Ben's ear) That's the fun part. Omnitrix User Access Voice Recognition Mode.
Omnitrix: Ben Tennyson, access granted.
Albedo: Disengage.
(Omnitrix removes itself. Albedo puts it on)
Albedo: I think it is time that I get rid of this whole mess. (Transforms into Alien X)
Selena: Who are you?
Bellicus: Indeed, state your name.
Albedo: Shut up both of you. I want Ben 10 and the rest of the Negative 10 destroyed!
Selena: Well, I don't know why we should listen to you if you are going to be rude.
Bellicus: Now listen here you little...
Albedo: I am the wearer of the omnitrix! You listen to me!
Selena: I liked that Ben kid a lot better.
Bellicus: Agreed. Lets go back to him so we can destroy this rude child.
(Albedo falls on floor and omnitrix appears on Ben who immediately transforms into Alien X)
Selena: Hello Ben. We wanted to say hi.
Bellicus: Actually we just wanted to help destroy that rude one out there. How do you want to do it?
(Ben smiles)
(Albedo is getting up. Ben transforms into Way Big outside the Billions Tower.)
Albedo: What? No!
(Ben punches the room where Albedo was at)
Khyber: What was that?!
(The Negative 10 rush through the door to see that there is nothing there)
Way Big: Hey guys.
(Grabs the Negative 10 and tosses them into the air. Quickly turns into Clockwork and shoots them all with a time ray. Then get on his phone and calls Grandpa Max.)
Ben: Grandpa? Bring the plumbers to the Billions tower in exactly one hour. A nice surprise will be falling out of the sky for you.


20 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 30th March 2013, 6:39 pm

Azmuth's BFF

Emperor Milleous
Emperor Milleous
Kevin 11,000 flew for seconds out of Undertown before realizing that he was meant to be evil. He then found Ben Tennyson and ate him alive, living out the rest of his life as a cannibal. The end. XR

21 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 6th April 2013, 5:49 pm


Omnitrix Wielder
Omnitrix Wielder
Since nobody posts anymore, I will delete all non-story replies and create the poll. Very Happy

22 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 7th April 2013, 9:38 am


Sebastian13, I think everybody should deserve two votes : one for the one he likes and one for himself.

23 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 7th April 2013, 9:40 am


Omnitrix Wielder
Omnitrix Wielder
Tsaklas wrote:Sebastian13, I think everybody should deserve two votes : one for the one he likes and one for himself.

Problem is, I can only give one vote or multiple. (as in "you can vote for all of them")

In a way, it's a moral problem, would you choose yours because you made it or vote for someone else because you think he should win?

24 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 7th April 2013, 3:19 pm


Sebastian13 wrote:
Tsaklas wrote:Sebastian13, I think everybody should deserve two votes : one for the one he likes and one for himself.

Problem is, I can only give one vote or multiple. (as in "you can vote for all of them")

In a way, it's a moral problem, would you choose yours because you made it or vote for someone else because you think he should win?
Υes, that's my point. But, it seems that Azmuth's BFF will win. Well, he deserves it, he isn't even a Human.

25 Re: Fan Fiction Competition on 7th April 2013, 8:46 pm


When do the votes stop?

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