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The New ( slightly more real than rumour) movie

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Everyone excited about the new movie, i thought it would be good to share what we know and rumours for the film in order to get the bigger picture....

so.... what we know

1. Its about young ben ( 10 y old ben.)

2. Its got a big budget and some big (rumoured) names behind it.

what i think...

1 itll be a reboot again.... we have 2 hours of ben getting and learning about the omnitrix again.... not moaning but not really excited.

what we would like...

1. I would like to see them use a better range of aliens.... you ever notice upgrade, rip jaws and stinkfly are really overlooked in the film (rat) despite thier use in the show.

2. feedback.... if its not a reboot i would love to see him cgi'd

what do you think....

Richard 10: Swampfire

Needs Ripjawz or it will be bad.

Snare-Oh: I don't even remember what this one does.
Verk: Clockverk? Zis is rediculous!
Four Arms: Okay, I wanted to so this the easy way, but the hard way is okay too.

Tsuchimikado Motoharu

wonder what happened with this


Can I get a link to the source?


If you put together all the Arc episodes of almost every Arc it makes a movie:

Khyber Arc are 6 episodes, that together makes 132 minutes.

Malware Arc are 4 episodes, that together makes 88 minutes.

Incursean Arc are 6 episodes, again other movie of 132 minutes

Albedo Arc have 3 episodes, a movie of 66 minutes.

Galactic Monsters have 3 episodes, again other movie of 66 minutes.

This happen a lot from now on, with Rooters Arc and Time War.

Omniverse have alredy make a lot of "almost" movie style episodes, that if you put together dont miss anything and every event is lead by another episode in the main Arc Story.

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