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1 BEN 10 COMIC-CON 2013 SPOILERS AND TALKBACK on June 27th 2013, 12:17 am


Look's like Ben 10 is back to Comic-Con, watch later this July for sneak peeks and info, if your going... try to get info as much as you can. Also coming to Comic-Con is sneak peeks of new shows coming to Cartoon Network, along with returning shows: Regular Show, Adventure Time, Annoying Orange. Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

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Oh gosh I totally forgot about Comic Con

I hope we get many spoilers

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im looking foward to comic con escpecially since we are not getting new episodes for a while cant wait hope theres lots of info


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According to the Omniverse panel, on Sunday July 21:
“It’s Hero Time! Set your Omnitrix for “AWESOME” with the Ben 10 Omniverse Panel, highlighting the Cartoon Network hero of a million alien faces! Join voice talent Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10), Bumper Robinson (Rook), Paul Eiding (Grandpa Max), and Eric Bauza (Dr. Psychobos), as well as the guys who help make it all happen, Matt Youngberg (Supervising Producer), and Derrick Wyatt (Art Director), as they talk about the show, premiere an unseen episode, and much more!”

I really hope someone will be able to record this! Ugh!!!!

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Omnitrix Wielder
Omnitrix Wielder
I really hope we'll get a taste of Albedo or whoever the new main villain will be! Very Happy 

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Got this from the CN Database

For a Few Brains More
Episode 40
"Ben, Rook and Max must stop Ultimate Albedo from absorbing Azmuth's intelligence and taking over the galaxy."

Something Zombozo This Way Comes
Episode 41
Ben and Rook must stop Zombozo and the Circus Freaks from turning everyone in Bellwood into zombie clowns!
Mystery, Incorporeal
Episode 42
An old enemy emerges while Ben and Rook visit Kevin and Gwen at college.
Bengeance is Mine
Episode 43
Vilgax' former lackey Psyphon is elated when his master returns.
Episode 44
Ben and Rook are called to London England to investigate the Forever Knights' latest activities
Animo Crackers
Episode 45
Dr. Animo from the future comes back to the present to help himself defeat Ben once and for all. (Introducing new Ben alien, Gutrot.)
Rad Monster Party
Episode 46
Ben and Rook enlist the help of intergalactic smuggler Rad Dudesman to fly them through the Anur System—the home of the monstrous aliens!
Charmed, I'm Sure
Episode 47
Still stranded on the monster planet Anur Transyl, Ben and Rook reluctantly team up with Charmcaster to take on Zs' Skayr
The Vampire Strikes Back
Episode 48
Ben, Rook, and Rad Dudesman come face to face with the evil Lord Transyl, a vampire-like alien who can make anyone his loyal slave! (Introducing new Ben alien, Whampire.)
And Then There Were None
Episode 49
Vilgax and Eon team up to wipe out every Ben in every dimension!
And Then There Was Ben
Episode 50
Professor Paradox unites the good Bens from across all dimensions to take on Vilgax, Eon, and the evil Bens in the ultimate showdown!
Episode 51
The princesses Looma and Attea are at odds over who gets to marry Ben!
Collect This
Episode 52
Ben finally meets the ones responsible for his intergalactic TV show, and the actor who makes Ben 10 more famous than Ben himself!
The Revengers
Episode 53
Billy Billions, Kangaroo Kommando, and Captain Nemesis team up to take down Ben, and claim his place as protector of Bellwood?!?
Cough It Up
Episode 54
Psyphon and a gang of bounty hunters are after Argit, who is in possession of a dangerous weapon!
The Rooters of All Evil
Episode 55
Meet the Rooters, the Black Ops wing of the Plumbers from the Null Void. They've come looking for someone close to Ben, and they mean business!
Blukic and Driba Go to Area 51
Episode 56
A mysterious Galvan arrives and demands Blukic and Driba to give back a super powerful weapon needed to stop a threat to Earth.
No Honor Among Bros
Episode 57
Rook is under the influence of Fistrick's "bro" essence, and starts to act like a bro. Can he and Ben infiltrate an alien fight club to claim the Golden Fist? (Introducing Slix Vigma, alien promoter.)

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Plumber Trainee
Plumber Trainee

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i am fangasming so bad right now

i mean just look at episode 56

and 49-50 best two-parter name ever

anur system oh my



i'm too excited to even grammar

also episodes 49-50 look like chartkillers Sad

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I'm posting the Spoilers and Talkbacks like I used to while I have a chance...

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Remember that thing Derrick posted a while ago saying that ChamAlien, Darkstar, and Ghostfreak would return in Arc 5, but that one of those was a lie?


I don't see Darkstar anywhere in Arc 5

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