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51 Re: UNIVERSE VS. TENNYSON SPOILERS AND TALKBACK on 2nd October 2014, 8:35 pm

Herbet de Jesus Ferreira

Lukey wrote:
Ben de Jesus Ferreira wrote:


Rolling Eyes  

he is a bailiff

52 Re: UNIVERSE VS. TENNYSON SPOILERS AND TALKBACK on 12th October 2014, 5:50 pm



The omniverse is dead....

53 Re: UNIVERSE VS. TENNYSON SPOILERS AND TALKBACK on 15th October 2014, 10:22 pm


Poor Ben.

I can understand he needs to get serious as he used to be when the Highbreed affair started but he doesn't deserve to have his keister sent to the hoosegow!

Seeing him cry as he came clean was quite the tear jerker. Sad

Doesn't anyone besides me feel sorry for him?

54 Re: UNIVERSE VS. TENNYSON SPOILERS AND TALKBACK on 15th October 2014, 11:13 pm


Entertaining episode.

The joke about Azmuth's appearance and voice changing three times was pretty funny.

55 Re: UNIVERSE VS. TENNYSON SPOILERS AND TALKBACK on 16th October 2014, 3:19 am


Good god was that moronic.


This just kind of says is all now doesn't it.

56 yes, i mad, go eat a fart on 16th October 2014, 4:01 am

Tsuchimikado Motoharu

That was an alright episode. Loved the fight scene and Alien X's voice when controlled by Ben. It's about time we had a cool fight scene with him. And it's always great to see more of the omnitrix aliens-much galvan, tetramand and celestialsapien goodness all around.

Anyway, as for the whole retconning thing from a few months back....yeah, no. UAF did retcons about every other episode, and pretty much every time they wanted to explain anything and connect it to the past. A retcon is literally "retroactive continuity," rewriting past events or adding something into the past to add a new sense of continuity into a story. There really isn't anything you can call what they did in UAF, from the plumbers to the plumbers symbol, to literally everything about the forever knights, to the origins and personalities of the characters (exhibit a: cooper), to azmuth's entire character, to eon and that stuff...and that's just regarding the OS. UAF even retconned itself every once in a while, when it was feeling particularly whimsical. NOW. Is this necessarily a bad thing? No, not necessarily. Personally, I did not care at all for many of the changes brought upon by UAF, and I'm glad that OV has mostly been ignoring or out-retconning them. But just because retcons happen does not necessarily make them a bad change. For what UAF was doing (something I was not a fan of personally but I guess I can see why others would be) they were the...uh, "right?" changes to make? I guess. Honestly a lot of it was just ridics but whatever. Denying that UAF did retcon things a lot is doing a disservice to everyone involved here.

As for Omniverse, this series has frankly been retconning things far less often than UAF ever did. They have been out-retconning a couple of things in the series, like the Kevin being alien thing, or the entire weirdness with the Plumbers--but that's...really not a fair thing to criticize, I think. Not when the entire matter with Kevin in the UAF was contrived to begin with and hardly made any sense chronologically either. If changes are justified in "MOVING THE SERIES FORWARD" (Allcaps for serious talk), then why is it not ok to change Kevin's origins once more, for instance, to edge his character forward?

Because that's really what I don't get about many of the complaints against OV when it comes to past continuity. The truth is, OV has been FAR, FAR, FAR more faithful to the series as it was in UAF than UAF ever was to the OS. Ever. When you look at how badly they mangled, ignored, cut, or rewrote the original canon to fit their interests, UAF really comes across extremely retcon-happy, and even in the face of "moving the series forward" the changes were, frankly, too much, in every regard. Times skips are not how you do character development, it's not how you do worldbuilding, and it's not how you respect a story. I have said this before and I will say it again. Timeskips are the laziest possible writing methods, and it really didn't do UAF any favors. OV does not ignore the canon of UAF nearly to the degree UAF ever did, and I would argue it hardly if ever does. Recurring characters from UAF (even those that were changed during UAF, like let's just say, azmuth and eon) appear frequently in the series, often acting just as they did in UAF. Concepts and stories from that period are revisited and called back to often, and for hell's sake, three of the story arcs so far have involved shit from the UAF. None of the characters act significantly and irredeemably different from how they did in UAF (no, not even Ben) and often feature the same quirks and appearances closely resembling their UAF ones. OV cares far more about incorporating and working with the UAF canon than UAF cared for the original. This is really not something you can dispute.

Which makes it just this much more fucking irritating and hypocritical when everyone throws a hissy fit when any element from the UAF is not kept 100% or is ignored. Guess fucking what! The colors of a Highbreed are among the least important things you should ever care about! Ever! And it sure as hell is one of the least important changes OV has done, it hardly ever measures to the changes UAF made, and the fact that one potential error/deliberate choice in coloring got people to start crying about how much OV is ruining Ben 10 is really something. It really takes some amazing cognitive dissonance to be this fucking nitpicky about everything.

But hey, at least they didn't turn a random villain into a fucking baby for no reason!  Because I'm sure if OV had been the series that made that change to vulkanus no less than everyone would get angry about that! Because it's a stupid change, but apparently only stupid changes OV makes are to be criticized!

Really, jesus, you people can be incredibly grating. Yes! You liked UAF! That's all fine and dandy--but don't pretend it didn't retcon shit, don't pretend it didn't have problems, don't pretend it didn't disrespect the original canon--admit that it did all of those things, admit that you're ok with it anyways, and admit that you still definitely prefer that to the current series. But stop giving OV shit for the tiniest of things, and grow up.

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