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Atomix: What exactly are his powers?

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1 Atomix: What exactly are his powers? on 7th December 2013, 2:39 am


So, I watched the episode and was pretty impressed by this new form. But what exactly are his powers. He created a shield which not only blocked Ultimate Humongosaur, but also knocked him out. Was it some kind of kinetic shield? One that absorbs any amount of physical energy and sends it right back at the opponent? Also, he said "Nuclear" before destrying the Billions tower. Does that mean he's radiation powers too? What are your theories?


2 Re: Atomix: What exactly are his powers? on 7th December 2013, 8:26 am


IMO Atomix is creating Nuclear Atoms which are then emitted from his body, which he can control using his mind.

this explains the shield, as it is caused by his Atoms flying together and becoming tightly packed, he can fly by projecting these atoms in short density of the ground and can also use them to slice through things surrounding his body.

This is just my theory at least.

3 Re: Atomix: What exactly are his powers? on 7th December 2013, 4:04 pm

Tsuchimikado Motoharu

His power is being a hammy badass.

4 Re: Atomix: What exactly are his powers? on 9th December 2013, 11:50 am


Like his name say Atomix, he can control, generate and use the Atomic Energy, NRG and Atomic have really the same power, but it is a little difference, in UA is show that NRG can control the Radiation and the electricity and power of an Atomic Plant, he is a red alien made of Energy in a special costume, Atomix is the same, only that the suit is more like Omniverse in all the sense.

Atomix is pure Atomic energy and can control his power and use it, with this he can create shields, energy balls (i think that he can do some ones so bigger that would destroy all the earth planet if he wants) and with this almost anything can stop him except for the Alien X (that can change the reality), Eon and Paradox.

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