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1 Hello on 12th October 2014, 1:38 am


Hello everyone, I'm new around here.
My name is Diamond Chris but you can also call me Chris, Yoponot, whatever you like.
I'm a big Ben 10 fan, having found the series in 2008 thanks to a close friend.
My favorite series is Alien Force, followed by the original, followed by Omniverse, and last is Ultimate Alien.
I used to like collecting the toys till they stopped selling them in the US.
I have many favorite aliens including Way Big, Diamondhead, Alien X, Cannonbolt, Benwolf, Spidermonkey, Lodestar, Bloxx, and Atomix.
I'm a big editor on Ben 10 Fan Fiction, administrator on, and owner of my own Ben 10 fan site called Supreme Action.
It's a general just fan site were we have videos of the franchise, photos, blogs with reviews on toys, episodes, etcs, fan fics, forums, a chat, etc.
I'm also a big Kevin, Jimmy Jones, and Paradox fan.

I look forward to discussing the franchise with all of you.

2 Re: Hello on 12th October 2014, 5:12 am


Welcome to the mad house we have jackets in all sizes but they are difficult to remove. . . .

3 Re: Hello on 12th October 2014, 2:26 pm


Oh crap its YOPONOT

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