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51 Re: A NEW DAWN SPOILERS AND TALKBACK on 15th November 2014, 12:03 am


Not a bad ending. Still my least favorite series, but not a bad ending. We've had our voyager people time to see if we get enterprise next and a dead franchise.


This just kind of says is all now doesn't it.

52 Re: A NEW DAWN SPOILERS AND TALKBACK on 15th November 2014, 12:53 am

The Omni Triforcer

Omnitrix Wielder
Omnitrix Wielder
Omniversed wrote:
Turbojake252 wrote:
beczam1290 wrote:
Omniversed wrote:That was fantastic. No seriously, that was absolutely great! First off, seeing every alien in the series in that final battle against Maltruant was amazing. Fitting for a series' ending.

Also, Chromastone looks awesome. I do prefer his AF/UA design since I've been used to it for so long, but I guess I'll learn to love this one while it exists.

On top of that, I probably wasn't the only one who expected Skurd to stick around and help Ben build the Biomnitrix.

So with that, the series comes to a close. Whatever happens next from here on out, I'll jump on the bandwagon right away.
I missed the whole episode did ben really get the biomnitrix or were you just expecting him to get it but he didn't?

No he didn't. Don't know what he's talking about Question

Sorry, I must have made that sound like Ben made the Biomnitrix by the end of the episode. He didn't, but I am expecting him to make it out of inspiration from Skurd's abilities with the old Omnitrix.

I guess I was expecting Ben to have the Biomnitrix by the end of the episode, but I guess this is great enough as it is. Though, that begs the question, where do our heroes go from here?
On a road trip obviously
Just realized I never put my opinions of this episode one word epic it was awsome seeing all the aliens but why did he change form besides the artists wanting to show every alien ever which was again awsome. Plus starting point for a new series awsome. I give it  cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers  just pretend that's a thumbs up
Best scene ever 10 years of my life in one scene my childhood this scene made me smile the whole time i watched it and ive been watching it all night its just to awsome


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