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Total Drama: Ridonculous Race

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1 Total Drama: Ridonculous Race on 2nd September 2015, 2:33 am


None Down, Eighteen to Go Part 1
Episode 1
We get our first look at the 18 teams competing for 1 million dollars in the most brutal race ever.

None Down, Eighteen to Go Part 2
Episode 2
Our teams discover that while variety is the spice of life, spices can cause a variety of deaths.

French is an Eiffel Language
Episode 3
Our teams explore the terrifying catacombs under the streets of Paris in the cheesiest episode yet!

Mediterranean Homesick Blues
Episode 4
It's sharks that eat man, castles made from sand, and evil sabotage so carefully planned.

Bjorken Telephone
Episode 5
Our teams enjoy the most disgusting meal ever made and lean that speaking Icelandic is best left to the Icelanders.

Brazilian Pain Forest
Episode 6
Some episodes are nuts but this one is coconuts! But insane pain is now part of the game!

2 Re: Total Drama: Ridonculous Race on 10th September 2015, 1:31 am


A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket
Episode 7
Things get super spooky for our teams when they arrive in Transylvania.

Hawaiian Honeyruin
Episode 8
Our teams take a blistering stroll through Hawaii and fiery romance heats up to a burning point.

Hello and Dubai
Episode 9
As a very special treat, our teams go to the most beautiful hotel in the world. and wash it's windows.

New Beijinging
Episode 10
When it comes to fine dinning there's nothing like being skewered by your own teammate.

I Love Ridonc & Roll
Episode 11
Finland invented the air guitar, which is made from nothing. For those about to watch - we salute you!

3 Re: Total Drama: Ridonculous Race on 17th September 2015, 1:02 am


My Way or Zimbabwe
Episode 12
Things are anything but easy on the Zambezi River. And someone may or may not get eaten by a lion. You'll see.

The Shawshank Ridonc-tion
Episode 13
Things are anything but easy on the Zambezi River. And someone may or may not get eaten by a lion. You'll see.

Down and Outback
Episode 14
The teams discover rabbits are very hard to catch and kangaroos will beat you senseless if you mistake them for rabbits.

Maori or Less
Episode 15
Teams learn and perform a traditional Maori dance and someone makes a truly permanent mistake.

Little Bull on the Prairie
Episode 16
Our nine remaining teams make their way to Alberta, Canada to compete in a bull buster of a challenge.

4 Re: Total Drama: Ridonculous Race on 24th September 2015, 2:34 am


Lord of the Ring Toss
Episode 17
Things heat up in sub-zero temperatures as teams play a simple game of Ring Toss A Narwhal in the arctic circle.

Got Venom
Episode 18
Kimono robes are beautiful but Komodo dragons will kill you. We went with the dragons. Let's see who dies.

Dude Buggies
Episode 19
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Unless of course everything that happens in Vegas ends up on TV, like this.

El Bunny Supremo
Episode 20
It's a wild Mexican adventure with hot peppers, high cliff dives, and heavy burros.

Episode 21
When our six remaining teams are forced to become two super-teams the Axis of Evil is created. Have mercy on us all!

5 Re: Total Drama: Ridonculous Race on 2nd October 2015, 3:34 am


How Deep is You Love
Episode 22
It's off to Russia for a jaunt straight down a seven-mile hole. Most play it safe but one team risks it all. and loses.

Darjeel With It
Episode 23
Our five remaining teams head to India to have tea and ride on a train. It sounds rather nice but it's actually quite horrible.

Last Tango in Buenos Aires
Episode 24
Our final four dance their way to a final three only to have a team from the past come back into the race.

Episode 25
Our remaining teams search for maps to help them locate a treasure hidden in darkened underwater tunnels.

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