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Ebomnitrix wrote:Powerpuff Girls is confirmed to make a crossover with Teen Titans Go as of this:
With all the cheesy reviews, and the last... 14 episodes now?
I'm almost there to giving up on this show, the voice actors and bring backs are nice, but they better improve in order to keep people going. Like proper fight scenes, to stop pushing modern reality into this show, and to focus more on being a show on its own instead of copy with reused animation styles morphed into one.
The staff also confirmed writers for this show are temporary ones, not official ones. So... yeah... that happened...


I'm done with Looney Tunes, I'm done with Tom & Jerry, I'm done with Scooby Doo, I'm done with the Powerpuff Girls & I'm completely done with Glen Murakami's Teen Titans unless Netflix or Amazon Studios gives the Teen Titans from "Justice League vs Teen Titans" their own animated series.

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